Tell a Demon

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Update 11/20: Quite a bit has changed since this blog post. To see the updated art and story information, click below:

New Tell a Demon Website!



We’re pleased to announce Sun Labyrinth’s upcoming interactive visual novel, Tell A Demon. Although a standalone story, it chronologically takes place about six months after the events of Asher.

The story is about Tell, a girl from an old but magic-poor family who finds herself the captive of the demon Julius. In a conversation to save her life (literally,) Tell must find out all she can to get the upper hand and keep her own secrets close… lest she end up as “dinner.”

Like Asher, Tell a Demon has a fairy-tale/urban fantasy flavor set in the 20th century-esque city-state of Asher. It will be traditionally painted, digitally animated and commercial.

Julius and Tell


The story is occasionally seen through Julius’s eyes, although Tell’s POV is primary. Markaius, the Empress’s Shadow and Kalevel from the previous story will also make their appearances. I’ll post more on the story as I solidify the script.

  • I’ll be eagerly awaiting this! I really loved Asher’s atmosphere, so I’m thrilled to see you’ve got something else cooking.

    (Speaking of cooking – I realise the second picture must be in some sort of catacombs, but my first instinctive thought was “Huh, why do they have so many pizza ovens on that wall?”)

    • Sun Labyrinth

      Thank you. It’s very nice to hear that!

      The niches in the Asher catacombs are inspired by the niches used for holding urns, busts of the dead and similar grave goods in Ancient Roman burial places. These have been cleaned out, which probably doesn’t help them not look like pizza ovens. x)