Tell a Demon Update

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Hello! S. here. Last post I said I’d update with more about Julius’s perspective. Here’s a screenshot from one of his scenes:

Julius's inner thoughts

I first came up with Julius as half of a villain duo: his main purpose was to banter back and forth with Aya. Both of them were driven by a pretty straight-forward motive, too: greed.

However, as I was working on an Asher sequel, I found I needed to work on something small to get a better feel for the art style. Julius might as well have jumped up and down in one of those moments writers sometimes get where their characters take on a life of their own. Except Julius isn’t the jumping up and down sort. Instead, he asked for what he wanted in that smirking way of his and told me that there was more to his story than stock villain and banter. So that’s how we get Tell a Demon.