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(Or watch the first scene on youtube)

There is also a new Tell a Demon priorities poll (I barely resisted the urge to dub it the TAD poll), available here. If you’d like to see a feature in Tell a Demon, please leave a comment there or vote!


More about Tell a Demon


Tell a Demon in the beginning of 2015 versus the end

Traditional Media

If you’ve been following Tell a Demon for a while, you’ll notice that it’s received quite an overhaul. It was initially envisioned as a smaller story with hand-painted traditional artwork. When I re-worked the story in April 2015, I realized that the small story I began with would not work (not with three POV characters!) and a larger story required more art assets. While it doesn’t take much longer for me to paint a traditional asset than a digital one, there’s no getting around drying times and the time it takes to scan and piece together and color-correct large paintings. So I decided to switch to digital, while still using hand-painted textures and aiming for a tempera or oil-painted feel with the artwork.


Acts & Story

There are four acts. Act II and III begin to branch a bit more, and so have more content than Act I. Act IV contains mostly endings. Currently, there are sixteen, including a couple of dead ends. The entire outlined story is coded in, and the scenes after Act I are in the second draft stage, and require either revision or some rewriting.



Although the plot is more pressing a concern than romance for the characters of Tell a Demon, GxB, GxG, and BxG romantic options are present. How much romance varies with the character in question and their personality and past history.


Act II Plan & Process

I estimate that the revision of the text of Act II will take two to three weeks, based on how long it took me to revise Act I. Once a scene is revised, I decide if additional artwork (usually event graphics or CGs) is needed. Tell a Demon‘s background art is complete, and the majority of its sprite art is complete. If no new artwork is needed for a scene, then scripting it in (with sprite art, animation, and background art), usually takes about ten hours, varying quite a bit depending on the length of the scene. After Act II is complete, it must be tested, edited for clarity, and any additional code (such as the Mind feature and the Timed Choices) must be added in. As I am a mostly solo artist/writer/coder, it’s difficult to estimate an exact date, but I would be surprised if Act II took more than three or four months to finish.



When each act is done, I’ll release it to people who have pre-ordered. There is only one price for the entire story, so you can play each act as it is completed, or wait until the entire story is done.


Some things will have to change as I go, so don’t consider the above to be absolutely fixed in stone. Thankfully, the only additional changes I can think of for Act I in its current rendition include typos and other minor errors.