Status Update (Tell a Demon)

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Girl with classical statuary

Quick update. Here’s some new artwork appearing in Act II. The story text for Act II is done, so I’m onto coding/scripting and adding new art. (Actually, I have to stop myself from adding *too* much new art because otherwise I’ll never get onto Act III, heh). As usual, it’s hard to set a deadline because I’m working on all of it on my own, but I can say progress is steady at this time.

You can read more about Tell a Demon, or download the demo, here.

  • Renmazuo

    That looks beautiful! Your hands sometimes remind me a bit of Pollaiolo’s; not necessarily due to the shape, but by how you describe the form and actually don’t skirt around them like so many artists do! I love drawing hands, so it’s nice to see more!

    Is this still done with gouache (I think you said it was gouache?) or digitally? I really struggle to blur things without making them look muddy, so I’m even more impressed! Do you think you’ll ever do a video on how you proceed about making these sprites?

    (The nose specular highlight is also really good!)

    • S. A. Welland

      Thank you! I love the clear shapes of Renaissance art for sure. 🙂

      is digital. This wouldn’t be easy to achieve in gouache… if I were to use a
      traditional medium for this kind of painting, with all the soft transitions,
      it would probably have to be oils.

      As for video, maybe? I’ll try to
      record the next sprite. Maybe I can get a .gif out of it; unfortunately,
      the lag when I’ve tried recording in the past is a bit much.

      • Renmazuo

        Ah, if it bothers you with lag, I wouldn’t want to make drawing a pain for you!

        I was wondering, I never managed to get that quality with gouache, oils do indeed seem to be the only option (maybe acrylics?). Thanks for the answer!

        • S. A. Welland

          I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

          You’re welcome. I think it’s possible with acrylics. There’s some slow-drying mediums around, and airbrushes are sometimes used to get soft atmospheric effects. I prefer oils, though, since they’re simple to make with the powdered pigments I currently have, and I like the feel of them.