In the past… and progress.

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A new work-in-progress screenshot from Tell a Demon. Some scenes take place in the past, in which the reader can influence the future based on their choices. Haven’t started coding in the GUI yet, apart from playing around with different text boxes, hence the default quick menu.

stone barn scene


And my pile of sprites and other paintings is growing:

Works in progress

The characters are Kialee, on the left, who is now as girlish as I originally intended her to be, and Markaius, on the right. He has another pose lying around somewhere; I cut the sheet up to scan it more easily. The black and white images are executed in ink and tempera on tinted paper and the color paintings are painted in watercolor and tempera. Tempera is a fast-drying medium which was once common before the advent of oil painting during the Renaissance.

Next time I’ll update with a painting from one of the scenes from Julius’s perspective.