Happy New Year from Sun Labyrinth!

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Happy New Year!

Ah, New Year’s with Sun Labyrinth: “Happy New Year! … Here’s some of my retro-inspired art.” (From left to right, Tell a Demon, Sunrise, and Asher).

To start, a shout out to everyone who has reblogged/shared or enjoyed any of my visual novels–thank you so much! Could not do it without you.

Next, here’s the current state of Tell a Demon:

Act II is currently in the revision/rewriting stage. Tell’s scenes are ready to have art and sprites coded into them. Kalevel’s scenes are almost ready, and I’ll be getting to Julius’s scene revision by the end of the week. After that I’ll figure out how much art needs to be added, and work on the other (fairy tale, news story) scenes that appear in Act II. Those are much shorter and don’t need the same attention as the point of view characters’ scenes, thankfully. So it’s going well.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

S. A. Welland
Sun Labyrinth