You can get my projects through my website,, or (in the case of Tell a Demon as of this writing) Steam. You can also download the Tell a Demon demo in a few legitimate places, like IndieDB and softpedia. However, I cannot ensure the quality of files downloaded or keys purchased outside my website. Be wary of scams!
Yes. Send me an email with some of your order info and I’ll send you a key.
Let’s plays are fine. Please don’t make a video walkthrough without commentary, except in the case of a Demo or one of my free games.
There’s a guide here for Tell a Demon. It’s kind of old (I made it for testing purposes), but it should be up to date. There’s a walkthrough for Asher here.
I occasionally post work-in-progress images on my Tumblr or timelapses on my Youtube. I’ll come up with more at some point. As of this writing, I work with an Intuos3 and Photoshop CS6 primarily, and use handmade textures- most of which I make myself.