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The Window


This is a short progress update. You can see more detailed, day-to-day progress on the progress page (you should have the link if you’ve signed up to the mailing list or pre-ordered), but this post will summarize that page.

There’s quite a bit of new art in Act II (including the above). Act II has roughly twice as much content as Act I, and the first major branching begins in this part of the story. Also, choices you’ve made in Act I start to come back to help (or haunt) you. 😉

There are six new event illustrations/CGs (plus some variations), and two new sprites in Act II so far. On the bright side, my artwork has gotten better. On the less bright side, this has kept me pretty busy, and taken a while. I knew Act II would have more content, but didn’t know it would be twice as long as Act I, so that accounts somewhat for the delay. I always get at least a little bit done every day, though, and am chugging along steadily.

Thanks for reading! 😀 (For those who are unfamiliar with Tell a Demon, you can read more about the story or download the demo here.)


Tetrine - WIP



  • Renmazuo

    Lovely screenshot, the background and navy blue (please don’t hit me if I’m wrong, I’m so bad at naming colours) sprite look so good together! I’m always happy to see new screenshots from you. 🙂

    • S. A. Welland

      Sorry for the delay in replying; I caught an unpleasant cold shortly after I posted this and lost track of things like comments. Anyway, thank you so much! And navy was definitely what I was trying to evoke. 🙂