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Hi all. So, you may remember that I had pre-orders available for Tell a Demon. The story I’m working on now (remaking Asher) will be available for free, so I wanted to find a different solution. I’d also prefer not … Continued

Tell a Demon & Sunrise

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Here’s a mock-movie poster of Tell a Demon, retro style (of course!) Making good progress and aiming to have the new and improved demo all ready to go by early November, so for now this is just a mini-update. There … Continued

Trailer, Sorta

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Video Link: is a bit of the in-progress trailer (preview? what do I call this thing?) of Tell a Demon with part of the theme music playing in the background. Text not finalized. It turns out that waiting for … Continued

Tell a Demon

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Update 11/20: Quite a bit has changed since this blog post. To see the updated art and story information, click below:   We’re pleased to announce Sun Labyrinth’s upcoming interactive visual novel, Tell A Demon. Although a standalone story, it … Continued