Asher 0.97 is up!

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Whew! Sorry about all the changes. At least this time only a couple of these are really bugs and none interfered with completing the story, although they could definitely be annoying or inconvenient.

If you found anything that I missed, please let me know here.

Unfortunately, I had never coded anything prior to Asher. Add to that that Asher was a bit complex for a beginner project, and I sometimes broke things unknowingly. Thanks for bearing with me while I made fixes.

Next post will have some content (most likely art) from my next project.

Sun Labyrinth


  • Right-click error that caused a crash is fixed
  • Voices will no longer cut off when text speed is increased
  • Narrative text now increases speed with dialogue text
  • Four typos fixed
  • Content added to Ending V: Pound of Flesh