Tell a Demon: Act II!

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Girl with classical statuary
The art is finished, everything is coded in for Act II, and I’ve done a final pass of editing on the story text. A few people have tested it and I’ve made corrections from their feedback. So if you own a copy of Tell a Demon, feel free to play it. (And if you didn’t get an email notification with a download link, please let me know!)

If you don’t have a copy:


Read More or Get Tell a Demon Here


Going Forward

In the meantime, I’m diving straight into Act III and IV. This time I’m working on both of the final acts of Tell a Demon at the same time, because they need fewer in the way of new art assets than Act II. (And it’s just more efficient to work on both at once).


Also, New Progress Blog

I like to keep the significant updates to this blog and micro-updates elsewhere. Originally there was a Tell a Demon Progress page, but it was getting too cluttered. If you’re ever wondering what I’m working on with Tell a Demon, this is the place to go, since it will get the most frequent updates:

Progress Blog