Tell a Demon: Act I Progress

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"His own death. He felt it, even {i}saw{/i} it, like one of those third person dreams where he got to watch himself do something stupid from a merciful distance."

Hello! So I’m wrapping up Act I now. Won’t try to predict when exactly it will be ready to go, but I think I can safely say soon. My To-Do list has dwindled as follows:

  • Finish up one last bit of background art
  • Code sprites and art into the final scene
  • Do a final pass on the script for awkward wordage and spelling errors
  • Add a few wishlist features
  • Add art to the main menu
  • Check for anything else that should be on this list but that I have forgotten
  • Test!

There are also some changes to the art style, but more on that later.

Also, the official website for Tell a Demon is up! Still have stuff to add, but this’ll do for now.