Happy 2017 from Sun Labyrinth!

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Calendar-style presentation of Tell a Demon art made this year

Happy New Year’s!

Above is a summary of art made for Tell a Demon in the past year. (I decided to jump on the art summary meme bandwagon). It can be easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees when working on a large project like Tell a Demon, so it was fun to pull together a visual summary.

2016 Progress

Overall I’ve made great progress on Tell a Demon. The story is done apart from a final pass of editing, and I’m working on the last of the artwork. The entire visual novel will probably be ready for testing early this year. After two and a half years of development, that’s pretty exciting.

I say ‘probably’ because, as the sole artist/writer/scripter, if I get sick or something personal comes up, progress often grinds to a halt. This happened a couple times last year. Of course, there have also been days when I managed to finish some small thing despite sniffling with a cold. 🙂

Thank You…

Finally, thanks so much to everyone who has emailed me with feedback, commented, re-tweeted or -blogged or otherwise shared Tell a Demon. Without your support, this project wouldn’t have come so far.

Best wishes for the New Year,
S. A. Welland



There is a free short story about Tetrine available on Wattpad. It’s something of an experiment, and feedback is welcome.

Also, if you’re following the progress blog and wondering where the micro updates went, they’ll resume some time this month.